SURELY the hacking gods are made of the True Bytes, bytes of such elegance and high shannon entropy that mortal men can only stare in wonder at the output of hexdump

SURELY the hacking gods made the first shellcode, the True Shellcode that began the world and fostered the embers of civilization, lighting in men the desire to pwn and to be True Assholes about it

SURELY when the world ends it will be not with a Kernel Panic but with a clean exit(0) at the end of the True ROP Chain that is Reality.

SURELY the prophet Joybubbles will come again to judge who among us was Truly 1337 and the skr1pt k1ds will be cast into the flames

SURELY then the blessed and the clever will hack forever in the Kingdom of Hex upon the earth and no suffering or well-thought-out exploit mitigation will ever blight the Realm of the Gods and all will be as it should. Amen

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